Project News

10.07.2010 Version 1.5.1 is the final version - no more releases will be made. The project is declared inactive and no further support is offered.

13.05.2008 Version 1.5.1 is released, consisting of bug fixes to 1.5.0-beta.

30.04.2008 A beta version of 1.5 is released (1.5.0-beta). New features: support for mobile devices (eg. iPhone...) and OpenID server capability.

12.01.2008 Version 1.4.2 released. Some bug fixes, and new option to force all traffic via https. - update: 1.4.2 had a bug in the installer, fixed in 1.4.2-2.

30.01.2007 Version 1.4 released. Mainly bug fixes and increased compatibility with cgi-bin systems.

02.12.2006 Version 1.3 is now released. The main new feature is compatibility with OpenID -- users can now use their OpenID credentials to log into Prasi applications. The release also fixes a few minor bugs and introduces the new language pack system (new languages are detected automatically and can be updated by users outside of the release cycle).

01.12.2006 Added portuguese language pack.

07.11.2006 We are currently integrating OpenID functionality into the 1.3 branch of Prasi. The code in subversion is stable and has been tested to satisfaction. For this we have added quite a number of new strings which need translation, so the translators will be contacted shortly once the strings are finalised (please get in touch if you are willing to help). Also we are using this opportunity to put a more flexible language-pack system in place. We are targeting a release at the end of this month.

04.10.2006 Version 1.2 is now ready for public use. It brings several bug fixes to the 1.1 release.

14.08.2006 Version 1.1 (a minor update to 1.0) is now ready for public use. It contains improved page layouts, an internal SMTP interface (rather than external as before) and is generally prettier than 1.0. Download it now.

30.06.2006 Minor redesign of the project website.

02.05.2006 Version 1.0 is now ready for public use. Download or see the notes on how to update from 0.6.x without losing the existing data tree. Again, thanks to all our developers and translators for making this release possible.

19.04.2006 After some delay, the release candidate for version 1.0 is now being tested by the developers and translators. A public release is expected shortly after 02.05.2006, provided no serious problems emerge.

02.04.2006 New language translations added: Norwegian, Thai.

20.03.2006 The code for version 1.0 of Prasi is ready, and the API's have been updated accordingly in the documentation. The translators have been contacted to update the language files, and the installer is being prepared.

01.03.2006 We have migrated from CVS to Subversion for our source code repository. The code in CVS will still be available but will no longer be updated. The code in Subversion contains the entire project's code history as well as the latest development code and should be used from today onwards in place of CVS. A web interface to Subversion is available.

20.02.2006 Version 0.6.4 has been released. It contains the cumulative patches for version 0.6, plus some fixes to the installer. If you are already running 0.6.x you should read the notes on how to upgrade your installation.

19.01.2006 Patch 3 for version 0.6 has been released - it features a few very minor bug fixes, extends functionality for one API call and introduces a new API call. The API documents (Perl, PHP) have been appropriately updated.

30.11.2005 Patch 1 for version 0.6 has been released - it features a minor change to the German language file, and a tweak to the code to prevent BUG#1362355.

15.11.2005 After just over two months of development, version 0.6 has been released! This stable fully-featured version is a major milestone in Prasi's development. Featuring 7 languages (English, French, Dutch, German, Finnish, Italian, Spanish), the long-awaited remote service functionality, and a PHP interface, it was only possible due to the kind help of several people.

9.11.2005 The 0.6 code has been frozen with only critical/security-related bug fixes allowed now. Expect a release of this branch in around a week...

9.11.2005 New language translations added: Spanish, German.

9.11.2005 The PHP API for Prasi is ready.

02.11.2005 New language translations added: Dutch, Italian, Finnish.

02.11.2005 The PHP interface (two variants, one with PEAR dependency and one without) has been completed and tested. We are busy producing the corresponding API!

27.10.2005 We're pleased to announce that some code for interfacing to Prasi with PHP has been added to the CVS. Whilst we're still sorting out a few details (removing PEAR dependency, testing), you can expect to be able to use Prasi with any (suitably-modified) application written in PHP, as from version 0.6.

20.10.2005 The API for Perl services has been updated to reflect the new RSF. As you guess, this also means that the 0.6 version has been feature-frozen and is currently undergoing final testing before being packaged up for release.

01.10.2005 We have updated the page describing the Prasi mechanism to include the details of the upcoming RSF. Comments welcome.

25.09.2005 Version 0.5.2 has been released and is now available on sourceforge. This version includes code cleanups, a minor bug fix, some preparations for the RSF (scheduled for the next version), and the implementation of language packs. Available in English and French.

09.09.2005 Just a quick confirmation that RC1 for 0.5.2 is currently running on our test setup. Once a suitable bug-free period has elapsed (2 weeks?) we will release it. You can grab a preview from CVS but note there is no installer yet, nor upgrade instructions (minor change to datatree required).

07.09.2005 The development code now features internationalisation. In the upcoming 0.5.2 release, users will be able to select between French and English, and this choice will be available to the clients/services. Language packs for other languages are easy to write. In other news, the details for the long-planned remote-service facility have now been finalised. This RSF will not appear in the upcoming 0.5.2 but in a subsequent release, due to the large amount of internal testing required.

29.08.2005 Prasi is now completely hosted on sourceforge; the official project webpages are at whilst the development pages are at The code has been imported into CVS, and the 4th version of release 0.4.2 has been, well, released. The related Wefis project ( has also been moved to sourceforge hosting. Now that that is all out of the way, we will be continuing development on the next versions. On the todo list are: multilingual support, cleanups, and of course paving the way for the implementation of the remote-server functionality.

24.08.2005 We have applied for a SourceForge project account for Prasi. If this application succeeds, structural changes will take place to this project website (namely, it will be moved) and to the download system. The 0.4.2 release has been placed "on hold" until these changes are incorporated. Logo